The JNP Project introduced Jane & Jake to the Mt. Olive Summer Enrichment Camp Kids! I AM. I CAN. I WILL. EMPOWERED.™ was the theme of the day!


Camp kids from 5-11 were excited, connected to the story, and very well mannered, while I read Jane & Jake’s Adventures to awesome KINDNESS.

I asked questions, and they had answers. Good answers about kindness, and what being kind to one another was. As I read about a mean girl, Mia, at Jane and Jake’s school, they listened to see how the story would unfold. Each time I finished a chapter, I asked if they wanted me to read another–they answer was a unanimous, YES, PLEASE!! So I did. They were having a great time learning!

We also discussed:
– inner awesome, and what exactly it is
– how they each see themselves
– the importance of reading and writing
– how a book gets written and illustrated by several people on a team

I finished up with coloring activities that related to Jane being a blank canvas, and what her inner awesome kindness looked like, and how that affected the way people saw her. They played with the plush toys I brought (or characters from Jane & Jake’s Adventures)–and everyone loved the big Jane doll–she is a hit wherever we go! The kids “got it” — understanding that INNER AWESOME was part of their “who they are” “ME” inside.

It is great seeing how kids connect to these stories, and actually absorb like sponges the understanding that each of them is fantastic and special, and that each of them has their own super power inner awesome inside!

Thanks to Camp Director, Kristen C. Ellis (7th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Wiley H. Bates Middle School) who was running the Camp. She did a fabulous job of empowering the kids with different speakers such as JNP!. She is photographed in the back row, right.


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