Market Testing Positive


ORIGINALLY, the JNP brand was developed for girls, but market testing questioned: What about the boys??—so we revised the Brand to focus on both boys and girls!


Having begun as a storybook with accompanying doll and plush accessories, Jane NOT Plain® was to be a series of books on self-esteem and self-awareness for girls.

We distributed the Brand as lessons of how Jane could feel better about herself; how being kind and loving are more important than one’s looks; and that friendship-building relies on the quality of a person, not exterior looks. Upon receiving the Gift of Wisdom, Jane realized that she is very special, indeed!  The lesson, of course, is that Jane will be prepared to meet her peers with confidence as she grows up.


Initial audience response confirms the need for, and value of, The World of Jane NOT Plain.™ In the Brand’s initial development, Jane NOT Plain™ and the accompanying toy/accessory products were a huge hit with youngsters, focus groups, library storytelling time, special appearances, parades and on TV. They also captivated large crowds at the Toy Industry Association’s famous Toy Fair in New York City, landing firmly on the pages of The Wall Street Journal, headlining as the new “confidence enhancing” products for parents! The book was awarded Creative Child Magazine’s Creative Toy Award’s Seal of Excellence.



Kids—both boys and girls—were drawn to these lovable characters: large and small versions of a long-armed, long-legged Jane doll (uniquely designed and distinctly different from any other doll in the marketplace); a clear Lucite fish bowl holding a soft, plush goldfish named Oracle along with best friend Jane; the Pearls of Wisdom™ necklace for girls (also worn by the doll); and Jaunty Mr. Sea Turtle, who led Jane and Oracle on their undersea adventures, where all the fantastic components of The World of Jane NOT Plain™ came to life.

A key developmental theme in Jane NOT Plain is our outer and inner selves. Girls were introduced to Jane as a literal “blank canvas” (her exterior is plain cotton canvas); each child was invited to create Jane’s exterior image while Jane and her cast of characters taught each girl about her internal “colors” (which JNP calls “inner awesome”).

We created the Pearls of Wisdom™ necklace with multi-colored pearls on a gold-chain, sized for the Jane doll, and one for mothers and daughters too. On each pearl a golden tab was engraved with different Words of Wisdom™, a playtime reminder of a girl’s true value. The necklace also offered a way for a girl to bond with her mother (or other special adult woman), who would wear her own adult Pearls of Wisdom necklace as a reminder of heart-centered wisdom. A mermaid’s costume was also part of the product line with mother-daughter sizes.

Close to Her Heart

The large Jane doll has a “her best self” logo printed over her heart as a special reminder to a young girl to choose to live within HER CIRCLE OF POWER all day.

Fast Forward

Since the debut of Jane NOT Plain®, digital tablets such as the iPad, Kindle, and Nook (to name a few) are challenging printed books as the educational tools of choice for both kids and adults. Children as young as two can turn on a tablet, press the apps to play games, read books, and access the Internet to watch animations. Given the increasing tech-savviness of kids, we knew where we had to expand this brand development.
Recently, we conducted focus groups (which confirmed our target audience of kids 5 through 12 years old), and the children became immediately enamored of the storyline, characters, and plush toys. With the addition of another main character, Jake (Jane’s classmate and friend), we have now developed a re-brand, The JNP (Jane Not Plain) Project, to help girls and boys, ages 5-12+—and parents, educators, and counselors too—explore their inner awesome.

Have fun and enjoy the adventure of discovering your inner awesome super-power!

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