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The JNP Project is out and about talking empowerment! Join us if you can. If you would like to schedule an event with JNP or need a speaker for your event, please contact us.

2.    JNP-Icon-Notes-TransparentFROM THE FOUNDER’S BLOGThe JNP Journey

Experience the behind-the-scenes, step-by-step path that the Founder, Dona Rudderow Sturn, has taken to conceive, develop, and deliver this empowering brand. You too can establish your own start-up!
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3.    JNP_Check-Icon-TransparentPARENTING TIPS—Tips On Kids’ Self-Esteem

Empowerment insights, helpful tips, and suggestions just for you!   The JNP toolkit assists parents, caregivers, teachers, and counselors as they encourage children, especially ages 5-12+, to develop healthy self-esteem. There is no better time than now to help young girls and boys focus on the inner-awesome™ superpowers within them.

Our Parenting Tips are delivered by Judy Bartkowiak, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Parenting Specialist.
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4.    JNP_Question-Blue-Icon-TransparentASK JNP MEMBERS—A Free Forum Just for JNP Parents and Educators

Do you have questions concerning your child’s self-esteem? Perhaps our open fourm can help. Talk about current topics that relate to kids’ empowerment, and more.

5.    JNP_Pen-Icon-TransparentWRITERS’ CORNER: STORY TIME—Behind The Scenes with the JNP Writing Team

What does it take to collaborate with a writing team and create a series of chapter books for children 5-12 years old and their parents?

Kathy Szaj, Judy Bartkowiak and Jim Westcott, Writers on the JNP CWT+ (Creative Writing Team Plus), discuss their experiences on this project!
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6.  JNP-Quotations-Icon-Teal-Transparent DOCTOR’S ORDERS—RESOURCE INFORMATION—Research and Articles

Important resource information we gather, review and share with The JNP Community.
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7.   BOOKS THAT HEAL WITH KID APPEALJNP_Book-Icon-TransparentResource Information

Reliable information about books that help you and your kids.

Kathy Szaj, JNP CWT+ Lead Writer, Published Children’s Author and Educator prepares our book rviews.
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8.    JNP-BOOMERANG-ChallengeBOOMERANG IT! 1,000,000 Good “Acts Of …” Challenge

The JNP Community is making a difference… WE CHALLENGE YOU TO CONTRIBUTE TO “ONE MILLION ACTS OF…!”
Tell us about something you, your child, a friend, a student, or relative did-—a wonderful, positive Act Of…, that inspired you in turn to do something nice. Let’s create a positive BOOMERANG EFFECT!
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9.    ICON-arrow-rightPAY IT FORWARD—YOU can make a positive difference!

The JNP Project has joined forces with our non-profit partner: Your donation to them with JNP products will make a positive difference in the child you are helping, for a lifetime!

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Oracle-Bowl-Crop10.   ORACLE’S FISHBOWLSomething Extra…

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